Dentist In Gosnells Offers Convenient Denture Repair Services
Monday, April 18th 2022, 3:30 PM

Denture Patients Have More Options As Dentist in Gosnells Offers Expanded Services

Gosnells, Australia - April 18, 2022 / Ashburton Dental Centre Gosnells /

Dentist in Gosnells Launches New Denture Repair Service 

The caring and professional team at Ashburton Dental Centre understands that dentures can do much more than transform a smile. Dentures can help boost patient confidence, help you eat more comfortably, ensure proper nutrition, and help retain a youthful look. However, even the most durable dentures may need adjustments or break over time, making trusted denture repair vital. 

Patients who are missing teeth and looking for dentures in Gosnells or are already wearers and looking for denture repair now need not look further than their community. Conveniently located in Gosnells, WA, Ashburton Dental Centre now proudly offers both dentures and denture repair. 

What Are the Advantages of Dentures?

Dentures are removable dental appliances that replace missing natural teeth. Modern dentures offer patients many important benefits.

  • Modern dentures are made to fit precisely and are comfortable to wear. 
  • Dentures perform like natural teeth so there are no food restrictions.
  • Dentures look completely natural and restore a beautiful smile.
  • Wearing dentures helps slow the rate of bone loss in the jaw.
  • Replacing missing teeth ensures that the force of chewing is distributed evenly. 
  • Missing teeth can impact speech. Dentures eliminate this problem. 
  • Dentures are a cost-effective dental restoration treatment. 
  • Dentures are the most common alternative in the restoration of lost teeth. 

What are the Common Types of Denture Repair?

No matter how durable, all dentures will need repair or adjustment over time. The types of repairs might include:

  • Tooth repair or replacement
  • Baseplate repair
  • Clasp or metal framework repairs
  • Denture reline
  • Denture rebase

When Do You Need a Denture Reline? 

If you are a denture wearer, you should regularly see a dentist in Gosnells and expect to have a hard reline every two years. This will help ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Signs you may need to reline denture repair include:

  • Dentures that do not fit as well as they once did.
  • Dentures have begun to slip.
  • You are having difficulty chewing your food.
  • You notice slurred or whistling speech. 
  • You have developed areas of irritation on your gums.
  • There is visible damage to the denture. 

When Do You Need a Denture Rebase?

If a denture is old or cracked, it may be time for a rebasing. Rebasing is the process of replacing the acrylic denture base while keeping the denture teeth. Rebasing should be done every five to seven years to keep the dentures functioning correctly and comfortably. 

Dentist Gosnells Denture Adjustments

Dentures take a lot of force and can move or degrade over time, making them not fit as they once did. Additionally, the jawbone can shrink over time, changing the fit of the dentures. While it may be tempting for patients to try to make slight adjustments, adjusting the dentures at home can cause the dentures to break. Instead, patients should seek the help of a dental professional to avoid breakage and avoid causing additional discomfort. 

Why Choose Ashburton Dental Centre

If you are looking for a Gosnell dentist, look no further than Ashburton Dental Centre. Locally owned and operated, the practice is led by the highly-skilled principal dentist Dr. Kav Bhinder. Recognized for having a strong emphasis on preventive care and early detection and treatment, area patients trust Ashburton Dental Centre for their ongoing investment in continued dental education, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of services, including denture repair, under one roof. 

You can visit the office at 9/62 Ashburton Drive, Gosnells, Wa, 6110, or call (08) 9490-8777 for information about Ashburton Dental Centre or denture repair in Gosnells 8777 to make an appointment.

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